Jan 30, 2009

Fun Photo Stuff from the Web

Wedding photography styles vary, but this is what I aspire too... simply wonderful and creative images.

I say it isn't about the camera, but if you are shooting for Sports Illustrated, you get to go all out. Seriously, 12-14 cameras? I am way behind. This article might just be the thing to convince my wife I need a few more.

Also at SportsShooter... putting a camera in a unique position for a new angle on the inauguration. Looks like all of the work and hassle paid off nicely. Finding new angles is a future blog post for sure.

Bert Stephani shows us how to use available light creatively for great looking portraits...

And one from me...
Canon 5D, 400mm, f2.8, 1/125, iso1600

Have a great weekend,

don j

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