Feb 24, 2011

Portrait - Extreme Horseman

Check out Sunday's Tribune will have a profile of a local horseman who has quite a resume in the movie business... Thomas Bentley.

He spends his time training horses for movie roles and training people to ride horses, among other talents.

The afternoon was bright, harsh sun, but Bentley's barn had plenty of nice big open doors to let in really nice light, even under that black hat.
Thomas Bentley-6834

Thomas Bentley-6809

Thomas Bentley-6831

Don J.

Feb 22, 2011

Track Silhouettes

Terrell's practice track is adjacent to the softball field, and up a hill. When I looked up and saw how the sun was beaming through the clouds and silhouetting the runners, softball looked much less interesting and I went for a walk.

Then it was just time to play with timing, perspective and framing. Since running around the track can be a really boring shot, silhouettes are often one way to get something interesting out of it. Of course, that can also be overdone. I think in this case, the sky becomes the subject of the photo, and the foreground elements just give it a moment in time.


Of course, it is also a good reminder to be prepared for things other than what you thought you'd be shooting. If I had only brought the 70-200 and 300 lenses, I would have been kicking myself.


Feb 18, 2011

Quick Pic - French Fry?

This youngest of baseball fans did not seem all that pleased with her french fries at the Terrell vs Desoto scrimmage Friday afternoon.
Quick Pic-5437

Feb 17, 2011

Quick Pic - The Word

Took some quick pics of our youth pastor and his Bible... Aaron is one of those guys that gives me hope about the next generation of leaders, church and otherwise.
A Lutz-9449

A Lutz-9451

A Lutz-9456

A Lutz-9457

When in doubt, a big computer screen makes a nice little softbox.
A Lutz-5006

Don J.

Feb 15, 2011

Quick Pics - Bass Man

Let's hear it for the bass man. This guy didn't get any solos or glory, but he was really good all night.

As in life, without a solid foundation, all of the stuff on top would fall flat.



Don J.

Feb 11, 2011

Quick Pic - Fire Call

Terrell Fire Feb 11-3677

Remember it is all temporary, folks....

Have a great (and fire-safe) weekend!

Don J.

Feb 9, 2011

Quick pics - eyes on the ball

Baseball batting practice is a great chance to get some photo practice as well, and a unique perspective that you can't get during the game without a monster lens and a center field seat.
Eyes on the ball blog-1669

Eyes on the ball blog-1649

Eyes on the ball blog-1672

Almost ball-on-bat.
Eyes on the ball blog-1655

Stay warm everybody,

Don J.

Feb 7, 2011

Quick Pic - Blocked out

Some days the best shot seems like it will never happen.
We had a rare Monday night basketball game in a week that will be full of makeup games from last week's snow-and-ice festival.

The shot after this one, for instance, would have been nice.
basketball Terrell vs West Mesquite-0384

Some of the others made me happier.. not bad for shooting only one quarter.
basketball Terrell vs West Mesquite-0259

basketball Terrell vs West Mesquite-0372

basketball Terrell vs West Mesquite-0410

When not strobing, my new favorite basketball lens is the EF 85mm f1.8 by the way. Gets close enough to shoot from the corners, but under the basket is still workable.

Feb 4, 2011

Quick Pics - Snow day


Terrell Library Asst. Director Mr. T was nice enough to help push my truck through the slick parking lot after standing out in the cold for a picture.

I-20, my preferred route to work, has been turned into a milder version of "Ice Road Truckers."

Equine friends are always fun to take pictures of, but these weren't all that excited about the cold and snow.


Feb 1, 2011

Quick Pic - Model of the day

Model of the day today (in addition to cars on ice) is the Tribune Cute Baby Photo contest winner...
Tribune Cute Kid Winner

He will be featured in Thursday's paper.. cool kid!