Feb 22, 2011

Track Silhouettes

Terrell's practice track is adjacent to the softball field, and up a hill. When I looked up and saw how the sun was beaming through the clouds and silhouetting the runners, softball looked much less interesting and I went for a walk.

Then it was just time to play with timing, perspective and framing. Since running around the track can be a really boring shot, silhouettes are often one way to get something interesting out of it. Of course, that can also be overdone. I think in this case, the sky becomes the subject of the photo, and the foreground elements just give it a moment in time.


Of course, it is also a good reminder to be prepared for things other than what you thought you'd be shooting. If I had only brought the 70-200 and 300 lenses, I would have been kicking myself.


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