Feb 18, 2009

Fun Photo Stuff from the Web

Point and Shooters... tips on getting the most for portraits here...

I have mentioned before how much thought and effort pro photographers put into their work... a great illustration of this is the level of critique they give to students trying to get into the field. Read the pros' comments below each shot in the gallery and you will see what I mean.

My favorite quote from that is "What do you consider your responsibility to society? Your subject? You are responsible to your subject when you take a photo." I suppose that is not as important when taking snapshots, but a photograph can certainly tell a story, and it should be a truthful one.

I hope to make it out to a HS powerlifting meet this weekend... I wonder if I can put up a remote camera for something like this?!

Shooting motorsports events is high on my "want to do" list... Mark Rebilas is a master of this, Even on days as miserable as last Sunday in Daytona...

Of course, he pulls off great shots at most any kind of sport... (Is UFC a sport or some other category of competition? Just checking)

Ok, one from me too, even after seeing how the pros do it! The challenge in basketball is to catch unique moments, like a player going up and hitting the bottom of the backboard instead of getting in front to the basket...
KHS vs Venus
Canon 40D, 85mm, f2.2, 1/400, iso1250


  1. Shooting powerlifting is interesting. You have a lot of implements of destruction crammed into a small place with a bunch of pumped-up teens. Last time I shot it, they had a line that I couldn't cross and asked that I not flash kids in the face while shooting. With your camera, though, you should be able to avoid use of a flash (depending on the gym lights). Have fun!

  2. Thanks Michael!

    How about an off-camera flash setup somewhere off to the side?