Mar 18, 2009

Fun Photo Stuff from the Web

I hear from some friends that it is Spring Break. I vaguely remember the concept, and it makes me want to be a teacher!

OK, here is some fun photo stuff from around the net..

The folks at del Sol photography do some crazy stuff with the "trash the dress" concept.

If any of you folks in my area are crazy like me and want to try some version of this or similar, just let me know!

Interested in Crime Scene Photography? Here is a blog for you.

For photo bugs like me who like to take pictures everywhere, are you walking too fast?

When you get an SLR camera, there is a sudden need to buy lenses. Good lenses, it turns out, can cost more than the camera. Why? Read and Watch...

OK, that was information overload... If you are having a spring break, be sure to make some great photos, not just snapshots!

City of Gold

Happy Shooting

don j

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