Apr 28, 2009

Busy Week = Lots of Photos

Well folks*, It has been a busy week, so that is my excuse for not posting more. As proof, I offer this post with some of my results for the last 8 days...

After returning from vacation and a short post from that experience, I got to work on Monday night processing photos from my church's Easter Sunday services. Easter was rainy this year...

But inside, it was no-holds barred worship service... video from J here.


I tried a remote camera at the front row of seating to get a different view without having to walk in front with a camera...

And I also cought some funny stuff before the service... what's going on here, guys?

Tuesday I was out to shoot some Terrell Tigers Baseball... a difficult late-season loss to Mesquite Poteet. Between bad baseball timing and poor positioning, and not a lot of action to begin with, I did not come up with much. I also did not take a picture of the DPS Officer writing me a speeding ticket. The officer did not have a lot of humor going on, so the camera stayed in the bag.

Pre-Game light was good...

And a little game-action



This was about as close as I got to an actual action shot...

Wednesday was a rare opportunity to shoot for my "day-job" employer. We helped with an event displaying some new technology and I took some snapshots of the festivities.


Friday I took the opportunity to redeem myself at the baseball field. Terrell was facing the rival Forney Jackrabbits and it proved to be a very interesting game. I met up with Mr. Obstructed View who was shooting the game for the Terrell Tribune. I also got to meet Jim, of Terrell Daily Photo fame.

Pre-Game emotions were high, and both teams seemed in good spirits.

Tuesday's experience paid off, and there was a bit more action during the game. Of course, my getting kicked out of a spot behind home plate by the umps was not exactly fun. No, I did not get a picture of that.

Pick off attempt at first base

Close play at third

Diving safely into second

Tie goes to the runner

The game ended with some controversy as a last-out game-tying run was overturned by a baserunner interferance call. Naturally, i was shooting at the plate instead of where the interference happened.....

Saturday capped off a fun photo week with a Senior shoot with a wonderful young lady. I wish everyone was as adventurous a photo subject!

We started with some basic shots

Finding fun backdrops

Then going a little crazy with scaffolding

Pulling benches into the street

Spinning on a merry-go-round

and finally, a nice, safe, colorful wall

OK, so that's what I've been up to. I hope you had some photo fun this week too. More to come in the way of insight. If you have any particular questions, comments or topics that you would like me to address or experiment with, just let me know!

Happy Shooting,

don j.
* "folks" assumes more than one person reads this. Hi Mom.

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