May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Neglect

Well, I will not win any "son of the year" awards... My mother's day was spent taking pictures of and for other moms! Of course, I did take my own mom out to dinner on Saturday night. Thanks for the flexibility, Mom.

Sunday morning I was able to do portraits as part of my church's Mother's Day festivities.

While we were not doing that, there was time to play with camera flashes. To prove that it is better to bounce the flash off of something instead of pointing it directly at the subject...

Direct Flash ...

Bounced off of a wall. (Not even a white wall, mind you)

In the evening, it was time for a senior portrait shoot. I could not ask for a more agreeable model, and an overall classy young man.



It isn't really a photo shoot until you have some goats, right?




Here is a tip for the week... When you are looking at someone, study how the light is falling on his or her face. Are the shadows harsh or soft? How would that look in a picture? Just try to pay attention to light as you observe. When it comes time to take a picture, you can then focus on the qualities of light on your subject, and work that into the best look for the light you have to work with.

Happy Shooting,

don j


  1. i see the light and all that, but where I hit the skids is when I take the pic - it looks, sometimes, NOTHING like what I see through the viewfinder. I just don't understand the jargon on how to change my camera settings...or when to and when not to, etc...

  2. Hi Amy!
    Eventually I will do a workshop kind of thing at fbck... just a matter of making the time.

    Learning the camera control stuff is like eating the elephant... one bite at a time. Left to its own devices, the camera is trying to make compromises and average everything out, when really, the world doesn't look like that.