Jun 3, 2009

Photo Stuff from the Web

Hello folks... welcome to the first post from my new Mac. Still getting used to this funky keyboard, but the screen is a wonderful thing.

Quick note... the new iPhoto face recognition feature is crazy. Seriously... if face recognition is this good on a consumer computer, what does the government have? GPS tagging is pretty cool too, especially for the newer cameras that do this automatically.

Photo District News annual photo contest winners are worth a look here.
I especially like the portraits by Sumit Dayal.

A site dedicated to finding art, photography and design ripoffs.

Our taxes bought a really nice camera upgrade for the Hubble, about $132 million worth. See what you got here. I was in high school when they put the Hubble up there, and the images that come back have always amazed me. I will be a bit sad when it finally dies.

I have stopped by the demolition site that is Reunion Arena occasionally to take some photos. It is eerie with sounds of creaking metal and a view of the interior that isn't natural.
Reunion May 18-103

As of May 18, the lower seating bowl was a pit of rubble.
Reunion May 18-107

Reunion and a pay phone... seemed appropriate.

One more, having too much fun with lines. Which is a future blog post, aren't you excited?
Reunion May 18-117

Full set of Reunion shots (more will be added as time goes by) is over here.

Happy Shooting,

don j.

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