Oct 5, 2009

Peru Trip - Cusco Market

Before our trip to Peru, I promised my lovely wife that it would not become a "photo trip." I would try my best to get good photos without much disruption to tours, plans or society in general. This resulted in a lot of typical snapshots, which is not a bad thing.

How does this work as a photography tip? When you want to carry a camera but not have it become the only reason you are walking around, you have to really sharpen your vision to see photos when the opportunity arises. That also goes regardless of what camera you are carrying. Look for ways to make the most of it instead of reasons that it won't work.

What started as a free day of shopping and touring around the city of Cusco turned into my favorite shooting day.

While my wife shopped around in a big indoor market (I believe the name was San Pedro)...

I trailed along with the 5D and a 50mm f1.4 lens, looking for unique locals and images.

Photographing people in another culture is always a risky proposition, but almost always worth it. As this was an open marketplace, I mostly just shot from the hip or took pictures openly. Only two ladies declined to be photographed, but for the most part, I was just another crazy tourist. I did have one person approach me trying to get money for allowing a photo.

The overall scene was dark, but busy and colorful. This market had far more locals than tourists, which was great.

Backgrounds were busy and sometimes very distracting... but I still love the faces.

The old and the young... and the short depth of field of the 50mm made the busy backgrounds a bit kaleidoscopic.

A lot of the locals were in the market to grab a quick lunch or some fresh produce, meat and foodstuffs. Like cheese...

Some of the light coming from all different angles really brought out textures.. more cheese.

Some meat to go along with the cheese?

One more... the sellers in the booths were also creating new items as we shopped. Most of the booths were very dark, but as always, just look for the light!

OK, thanks for joining me for the journey...now go look for some photos!

Happy Shooting,

don j.

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