Nov 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Quick Links

Happy and meaningful Thanksgiving to all of you out in web-land..

If you are looking for some photos to make your day better, check out these at the big picture blog.

And for a reality check on what it takes to fight for freedom, these will do the trick. Do NOT click through to view #28 if you are anywhere close to mealtime.

It is gift giving season, so here is a good list of photo goodies to choose from.

I only have eyes for one Christmas present... all of you may contact my wife to donate to the cause in lieu of any other gifts and I will feel just as loved. Really.

Back to Thanksgiving and those who choose to fight for us... In Terrell we have lost two courageous young men in the last month fighting in Afghanistan. Cultures throughout history have celebrated and rallied around our warriors, and it makes me proud to see how our community turns out to honor them here. Here is a slideshow of images from today as Army Spc. Joseph "GI Joe" Lewis returned home. Please keep his family in your prayers and thoughts during this holiday season.

Don J.

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  1. nice post, and some really great photos in your slideshow!