Mar 14, 2010

Sharks vs. Silverbacks

The Sharks had another dominating win on Saturday, but this one was a little bit odd. The visiting Arkansas Silverbacks only brought 15 players.

I'll give them their due credit... they played hard. After playing poorly the first quarter, they came back and held the Sharks scoreless for most of the middle of the game.

By the fourth quarter, they were obviously worn out, but still playing some tough football. That made it very unfortunate when their coach/owner/player called it quits with only four minutes left in the game. I heard several players on the team complaining loudly that they did not come all the way here to quit... Having a team quit during a game delegitimizes the whole league, so I hope they put a stop to that kind of behavior.

So it was an odd ending, but another win for the Sharks who remain unbeaten.

Don J.

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