Aug 19, 2010

Football season begins... it is going to be fun

Michael is taking the first big road trip of the season to Sulphur Springs for Friday's scrimmage, but I am really looking forward to some Friday nights on the sidelines.

Have sports photographer dreams? here is a nice primer on that career path.

On the journalism side of things, I had the good fortune to show up at the right time as Terrell firefighters were finishing up at the Flexible Foam Products facility after a fire Tuesday evening.

The only light was bright morning sun streaming through open dock doors a good 100 feet away and various holes in the building. ISO 3200 gave me 1/50 shutter speed at f2.8 (-2 exposure compensation to make up for all of the blackness) and I still had to boost this quite a bit in Lightroom.


It isn't "Tack Sharp" but to get that shot out of ISO 3200 on the 40D... I really like it. The light was just crazy.

Of course the fire and the upcoming football season also motivated me to buy a new camera (with better high-iso performance, water sealing and focusing) and so I'm happy about that too.

Here is a slideshow of images from the fire...

Have a great weekend everybody,

Don J.

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