Sep 27, 2010

Africa Trip Quick Pics


Going to Africa is a photographer's dream, so naturally, the last two weeks have been a lot of fun for me. It was our second trip to Tanzania, but the first since I got back into photography in a serious way.

I will get into some travel tips and stories later, but here are some of my initial favorites from the trip to get the blogging ball rolling again.

The people of Tanzania are amazing, and it is quite an honor to bring their stories and needs back to the U.S., and hopefully to help bring meaningful and sustainable aid to them in the future.

First, my favorite shot of the trip. This widow sat by a window with great light. I shot about a dozen pictures of her waiting for an expression like this. She is a very strong woman who has lived a very hard life, losing her husband in the late '80s and raising 9 children. One of her children died.

I spent a little bit of time with the ladies who cooked for our team and a whole group of local pastors who were in town for a conference.

One of the group's projects involved working with orphans from the local churches.

I have never been as scared about losing a camera as during the evening out on small boats with local fisherman on Lake Tanganyika, but I really liked some of the photos.

Albino children are very much at risk in many parts of Africa. Our team did some work in a facility for leprosy victims, which is where several albinos lived for protection.

The children and orphans in a leper colony will absolutely break your heart. They are among the neediest people on the planet, yet they have joy, spark, and creativity that make you realize just how spoiled and jaded western kids can be.

I think our church needs more chickens running around...


The trip ended with a three-day adventure through the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater conservation area. We did not get to see elephants and Rhinos as we did in 2004, but the lions and a hungry leopard made up for it.






Mrs. Easttexasphoto gets photo credit for this one...





No doubt what this guy thinks about tourists romping through his territory...

More to come. And if you get a chance to go, GO!

Don J.

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