Oct 31, 2010

FBC Fall Festival Quick Pics

2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-3161

It is Halloween again, and once again it was time to play with some lighting tricks in the photo booth. Events like this, where hundreds of people are filing through, provide great opportunities to try new things with real pressure. ( last year's results)

For 2010 I decided to get a ringlight, which I had not used before. Dallas Camera's Alien Bees AB800 was out of commission so I got upgraded a Profoto Acute 1200 ringlight setup. Very cool, although I really need to spend more time with a ring to play with ratios and such.

First things first.... as you might expect, in a poorly lit room (big pupils) the ringlight is a red-eye monster. I should have expected that. Other than that (and needing more experience with it) it was a lot of fun.

The rim/separation light is two gridded Elinchrom bxri500 monolights.
Here are some pics

One of my favorites... a very sad clown
2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-3101

Buzz and Woody
2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-3284

There were lots of witches, but this one had a great expression and eyes for the costume.
2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-3052

The Profoto ringlight is light and nimble enough to pull it off of the tripod from time to time.. like when kids are crawling around on the ground... fun stuff.
2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-3273

There is no place like home...
2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-2968

2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-2908

There were lots of Star Wars folks, but this guy is intense. And he has cool light sabers.
2010FallFestival FBC Kaufman-3011

Have a good week out there,

Don J.

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