Dec 5, 2010

Clowning Around

Clowning Around

Part of getting good pictures is finding good subjects. People with interesting stories or unique lives tend to be great subjects, as was the case with Kenny Petet last month. While in college for a business degree he found himself in the rodeo arena and loving it. The rest is history. Now Kenny works as a bullfighter, rodeo clown and entertainer with his company at

I set up before Kenny arrived with both white and black backgrounds, one large and one small softboxes, one light with a grid and another in a straight reflector.

I liked the look with the big softbox close in front and gridded light opposite behind to define the hat.
Clowning Around

Same setup, looking into the camera ... my favorite of the shoot.
Clowning Around

Then it was time to get out the makeup and bull barrel...
Clowning Around

I cannot imagine trying to get into one of these things with a bull charging at it. Apparently if you don't get in all of the way, it can be very bad news. Like break you in half bad news.

The barrel was covered with metallic duct tape... kind of distracting with the lights, and we did not have time to finesse the light so much...
Clowning Around




And this was probably my favorite with the 'uniform' on..
Clowning Around

Is it December already? Why yes...

Please feel free to come by my new blog about becoming a dad over at ... baby is due in April and I have a lot to learn!

Don J.

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