Jan 18, 2011

Quick Pics - All in a day's work

Working for the Tribune over the last year has been great for many reasons, but sheer variety of work has been great as a person with a short attention span.

The last 25 hours has been a pretty good example of that...

Yesterday's fun included a bunch of Girl Scouts visiting the office for a cookie tasting feature...

In the evening, there was a program honoring Dr. Martin Luther King at the school. Lots of good photo ops at that, but my favorite all involved the praise dancers. They are so expressive, it was hard to pick which one to look at through the camera.

On the way out the door, one of the TISD police officers told me about a call regarding a 'bad accident' on one of the highways out of town. Someone's horses had escaped to the roadway and it really made a mess of a full size Chevy truck. I think this gentleman is probably counting his blessings that he was not severely injured.

This morning, I took some photos of a wallet that my dad made so that we can use the texture and stitching as part of a business directory cover...

For the afternoon, a quick corporate portrait for a local executive...

Still to come, a school board meeting. That is always exciting.

If you have any desire to get better at a wide variety of photography very quickly, go work for small newspaper.

Don J.

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