Apr 13, 2011

Delivery room photography?

Well, the day has finally come ... the day for my lovely wife to have our first child... how awesome is that!?

media center-0500

So, as a photog, I've been pondering about what camera and tech gear to bring to the hospital with us... here is what I came up with.

Laptop- Wifi in the hospital is great.

1D & 5D - justified 1D in my head because not sure how much light we will have to work with, also capturing some video.
SD4000- pocket cam for walking around the hospital and video capture.

Lenses- 14mm, 50mm, 24-70 zoom. - 14mm is sitting on the 5D to get an 'around the room' view.

card reader, audio recorder, gorillapod, etc.

Is it overkill? Probably. Don't really need two DSLRs, but they are much different in what look you get with the different lenses. Is it so much that I will lose photos switching between? I don't thinks so, because during the key moments, it will be the 1D/50mm or 24-70 combo and the rest will just be for details and video at random.

Anyway, what would you take? It is a very unique shooting situation, looking forward to the results. And the baby, of course!

Don J.

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