Jul 13, 2011

Tortoises are cool.

Some assignments are tedious. Waiting for someone or something to happen can get old.

But sometimes, even when the light is bad and there are lots of other things to be doing, you get to step back and realize that the world out there is pretty amazing.

Terrell's library has a summer series of kid events called "Terrific Tuesdays." The kids have a great time, the adults, not so much.

But then sometimes you get to see a giant tortoise, which doesn't happen every day. It took me a minute to get un-jaded and say.. "wow, that is a huge tortoise."

Because huge tortoises are very cool. And we should be careful to recognize the cool things when we see them. Even if the light is bad.

Creature Teacher Tortoise-9223

Don J.

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