Aug 10, 2011

(Almost) Baked Rats

So it was a fiery day in the local news business... I will work backwards through the day..

As I got back into Seagoville, I saw serious looking smoke coming out of a neighborhood and went to see what was happening. A house had flames coming out of the back of the roof and it wasn't looking good.

When the firefighters got to work on it, a lady asked them to rescue her pet rats just inside the back door. The obliged and somehow the little fellows seemed like survivors... notice what is happening above the ceiling while the firefighters work inside.
Seago Fire Aug 10-2340

Judging by the melted siding on the outside of the wall, I'm not sure how they survived.
Seago Fire Aug 10-2347

Because the wind was blowing away the smoke, you could see inside the attic space...
Seago Fire Aug 10-2403

Props to the homeowner and a neighbor who were hitting that with a garden hose as SFD got their gear in place.
Seago Fire Aug 10-2271

At the beginning of the day, a fire in south Terrell did extensive damage to a home. TFD had the flames knocked down by the time I got there, but there were still some photos to be had...

Like a firefighter walking into a spot where the sun didn't wash out the smoke..
SS-Fire Aug 10-2027

and firefighters working inside to put out hot spots...
SS-Fire Aug 10-2101

Then there is this one. I thought it was just a firefighter working to punch a hole in a ceiling just inside the front door. As I played with it in Lightroom to see if there was any detail left in the shadows, I noticed his eyes looking right into the camera, sharp as can be in the circumstances... kind of eerie.
SS-Fire Aug 10-2002

OK, now everyone be very fire safe and stay cool.

DOn J.

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