May 10, 2012

More track - Feature Photo

Continuing the previous post - Terrell High's Carnell Horn will compete this weekend in Austin at the state Class 4A track meet.  That meant a feature photo for the sports page, so it was a trip out to the practice track for me.

I took two flashes - Canon 580exII and 430ex with Elinchrom skyports.  Camera was 1DmkIV with the Sigma 14mm f2.8 to get the sky in there and minimize the other (uglier) background elements.

The idea was to add a little bit of highlights with the strobes and keep some sky color.  It was around 5 p.m., so the slight cloud cover was helpful in knocking down the direct sunlight. Carnell Horn State Track-0987

 I was using both at full power, so it was just one shot for each time he passed by. I like the look, but there is still more motion blur than I would really want. Some turned out better than others of course, but I only ended up with 9 shots to choose from. Carnell Horn State Track-0988

Shooting with the 14mm also added some distortion, but there wasn't enough time to try other setups.
Carnell Horn State Track-0995

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