Mar 23, 2013

Brides - don't miss the point!

Don C. Johnson: People/Wedding Porfolio &emdash;

This article offers up a premise that "Brides regret not spending more on photography," which is interesting.

I'm sure they don't mean "Hey, I wish that photographer had charged me more!"

What I read is that 21 percent of brides in the survey were unhappy with their photos after the event.

Just last weekend I had this discussion with some friends who spent somewhere in the $800 range on photos and were very pleased.  I have also heard from people who spent much more and who were not all that pleased with the images they received.

Brides, please go beyond the price when considering who will photograph your wedding.  Look at images.  Talk to photographers.  Get your expectations in line with what you will be getting for your money.

Photographers, same thing.  Don't go low on pricing then under-deliver.  Don't show images that you won't be able to get.  And don't assume that raising your pricing makes you a better photographer.  Another 12 percent in that survey regretted spending too much on photos.

Hiring the photographer is not like any other part of the big day.  The images (and video) are what you will remember by.  It can change the way you perceive your wedding in the future, and you want those memories to be good ones.

Don C. Johnson: People/Wedding Porfolio &emdash;

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