Jun 26, 2009

Quick Pics - Carnival

The carnival has rolled into Seagoville.  While the excitement of actually riding the rides left my system several years ago, the  photographic opportunities are just as exciting for me now.

After watching Nacho Libre, I really felt like I needed to do something productive to make up for the wasted time, so I headed over to see what was going on...

With all of the movement and lights, I love to play with slow shutter speeds...  This is panning with the merry-go-round horses at 1/6 second.
Seagoville Carnival-103

The other way to show motion is to have the camera still while the objects move...  Of course, it is good to keep something still in the frame for reference.  Otherwise, it just becomes abstract art.  I was glad the ride operator turned so we can see his face.  This time the camera is on the tripod, almost 1/2 second exposure.
Seagoville Carnival-102

This lady was pretty good with darts... three throws, three hits.
Seagoville Carnival-108

My favorite shots of the evening were with this ride operator.  We talked a bit about how few people were showing up and spending money.  I hadn't really thought about the effects of the recession on carnies.  It seems that carnival ride spending would be very first out of the budget.
Seagoville Carnival-107

Of course it did not help that it was really hot out there too.

Everybody come out and bring a few bucks, watch the fireworks tomorrow night, and of course, bring your camera!

Happy Shooting,

don j.

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