Dec 13, 2009

Quick Pics - Snowball Fight

Kids don't get to play in the snow much around here, so even if the snow is some slimy fake stuff, the smiles, fun and energy that it brings is something to behold.

Photographically, I was pretty happy to get anything interesting. I was doing quick family head shots at the indoor portion of the event..
snowball blog-22 when it was time for the kids to go play in the "snow," I got to go play too.

Without seeing how the snow area was lit, I was tempted to take a flash, but decided to go with the 5D/50mm f1.4 combo. For shooting in the dark, the 5D not very good to focus with. Add to that the very narrow depth of field while shooting at f1.4-f2, and shooting at slow shutter speeds in the dark, you just have to have fun with it.

This was my favorite shot...
snowball blog-3

Lit reindeer statue = giant softbox
snowball blog-12

I did a lot of random shooting with the camera held down at kid height while looking out for flying snowballs (that stuff cannot be good for electronics).
snowball blog-11

Light was provided by a halogen work light set similar to this, and the various Christmas lights. Up close it was bright, hard light over slippery ground.
snowball blog-10

While close to the lights, shutter speed was high enough to catch flying snow.
snowball blog-9

A little further away, slower shutter made for dramatic action...
snowball blog-1

snowball blog-13

Post processing was fun too.. all done in Lightroom.

Happy December Everybody,

I am working on new blog concepts for 2010... we will see where that goes!

Happy Shooting,

Don J

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