Jan 4, 2010

2009 in Review...

I'm a little late to wrap up 2009, but that has been typical of this holiday season.

It was a big year for me in a lot of ways, and photography has been a big part of that, so first, to those of you who have shared it with me, thank you!

Early in the year was some sports and portrait work that I was pretty happy with. One of the themes I will explore more in 2010 is portrait lighting, which finally started to click for me.

Shooting sports was a big part of the year, and I have felt better about these images this year as well.

Sometimes, of course it was just dumb luck of being at the right place for once...

... and other times it was all about making the time to be somewhere because just because I could...

... and then there are the combinations of both.

I was blessed to take a big adventurous trip to Peru with my wife. It was a wonderful place visually, and will be memorable for many reasons, but as the first major destination we've visited since I dived into photography it was even more amazing.

And that wrapped up the first 3/4 of the year, along with the first career of my adult life. After twelve years at a tradeshow technology company, I switched to journalism as an entry-level reporter at the Terrell Tribune.

While I am not exactly pulling my weight as a reporter just yet, it has been great fun to stretch my photo skills in all sorts of ways. In a smallish market, newspapers still have an opportunity to be relevant and meaningful to the community, while major news outlets tend to rehash the same major stories all day long.

On the "Community and Schools" reporter beat, it is usually just flat out fun.

Cute kids...

Caring kids...

Seriously.... no bad pictures with subjects this good...

Of course, cheesy group shots... but great kids make it bearable.

Throw in some random product photography...

And back to cool kids...

While that is all wonderful stuff to shoot, there have been some very emotionally difficult stories as well. Terrell lost two fine young men in Afghanistan within a month. Shortly after that, two sisters and a friend, all TISD students, died after being struck by a car.

Photographing at a funeral is not pleasant, but I am very thankful to the families who were so gracious to us in allowing me to be the eyes of the community during their time of grief.

These photos are from the return and funeral of U.S. Army Spc. Joseph Lewis just before Thanksgiving.



Hopefully by the end of the week (or month at this rate) I will have this blog planned out through the end of 2010 with some meaningful content... stay tuned.

My best wishes for a blessed and happy new year, and of course, lots of great photos.

Happy Shooting,

don j

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