Jun 7, 2010


Going into graduation day for Terrell High School I was a little bit worried about the location... Terrell's notoriously dim Memorial Stadium. At least it would not be fast action shooting, right? Sort of.

One great benefit did emerge though. The variety of shots available and access to get around for different vantage points was better than any indoor facility short of Cowboys Stadium. Oh, and there were fireworks! Prints are available (of course) over at www.doncjohnson.zenfolio.com.

Before the ceremony, seniors assembled in the National Guard armory building, which was hot and dim. No worries though, a giant open door provided a nice light from one side...

The principal once called this class "fun loving." That was easy to see on graduation day.

With a camera in almost every mobile electronic device, snapshots were happening all over the place.


A little bit of cloud cover made for nice light in spots outside...

And off they go. I almost always try some shutter tricks.. most did not work so well, but it is good to keep yourself entertained, right?

Lots of happy families..

For about the first 10 graduates, there was a nice backdrop of the end of sunset.. a little fill flash in front, and I was a happy camper...

I can only say thanks to modern technology for being able to shoo iso 1600 and have useful images. I really look forward to my next camera... the 40D is getting a bit aged.

Going in, I had intended to put the 14mm on the 5D and go in really close to the graduates for the cap-toss. I'm still pretty happy with the shot, but still.. woulda coulda shoulda...

And then, Fireworks. The graduates did not stick around long in the center of the field, so I was chasing them around a bit...


Congratulations Graduates... It was fun to be a part of your year.

Happy shooting everyone..
Don J.

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