Sep 1, 2010

Lots of stuff. And lightning.

Fall is coming quickly and sports, school, a trip and some big projects are all happening at once. Fun times. And did I mention my wife is expecting our first baby!? Exciting times in the Easttexasphoto household.

A system of storms moved through the area this evening and I could not resist stopping beside the road for some lightning photo attempts. Got lucky on this one too, with lots of bolts at once...

With all of the water around, lights and signs take on new life in the evenings. Even the grocery store gets more interesting to look at...
Reflecting on Brookshires

Football has started, and Terrell won their first matchup against Kaufman Friday night. It was tough to shoot 'for' Terrell after two years of shooting 'for' Kaufman. Got some shots I liked too...
The light at the beginning of the game was excellent and made fun shadows.

Full sets of photos can be seen (and bought) for Terrell here and Kaufman here.

Sportsshooter monthly contest winners are always good... this month seems exceptionally so.

Have a great rest 0' the week everyone.

It is more Friday night lights for Terrell vs. Greenville this week.... should be fun.

Don J.

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