Mar 1, 2012

Choosing sides

Photojournalism puts you in situations to make the best of what light is available to you. On a good day, a room with a bunch of bright windows can be a wonderful thing, as long as you are free to move around.

In this case, at an event in a church, one side of the sanctuary is all windows. I had moved to to side opposite the light to see how that looked. WIth a window behind the subjects (in this case, cute kids) it made a neat rim-light effect, but the back light killed it too.

Zooming in to avoid the window in the background made better looking light, which I liked a lot. If I were doing portraits or something like that in the room, it would have been worth playing with some more, but these kids were not performing for very long, so ....

You can tell in the previous photos that the windows are making a big, beautiful soft light from the opposite side. I made my way around the back of the room, and sure enough, the light was very nice, if less dramatic.

Then it was just a matter of finding a great expression, which was provided by this young lady as if on cue.

Two points here..
First, it really helps to move around and find shooting angles you like. Being frozen to one spot can be a shot-killer.
Second... look at the light!

Have a great day, and go make some pictures!

don j

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