Aug 6, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup Aug. 6

Don C. Johnson: Blog

We spent the weekend with friends near Salado... lots of beautiful scenery in that part of Texas.  There are infinite possibilities for photos as well.  Our friends were involved with the Salado Legends musical production, so we took some quick photos in their costumes.

I wish more communities were willing and able to pull off fun arts productions like that.

Yes, I'm still obsessing over Olympics photography.  Jeff Cable posted a nice gear guide, but it also is a nice read to get some insights on the non-stop work required to shoot the biggest sporting event in the world.  His photo posts are worth following for sure.  And he has a great hairdo.

A lot of the photo community has jumped on the Google+ wave.  I am going to up my effort there, but so far it seems more like a networking and learning opportunity than a marketing platform.

Photoshelter has a great post on night photography, star trails etc.

Photo inspiration for the week (and one of the best looking photographer websites out there... Tim Tadder.

Have a great week.

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