Nov 26, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup - Nov. 26

It is always good to have some fun while shooting... with twin two-year-olds, how can you not have fun?  Well, at least they had fun for some parts of the shoot :)

Playgrounds can be risky!  I almost broke a rib on this very playground a couple of years ago.  It pays to look up from the camera now and then.  Of course, it isn't really as risky as, say, swimming with lava. Anything for a picture?

Interesting, weird, creative, awkward

How about treating people on the street as celebrity subjects?  Brilliant.

What would you do if you were shooting a wedding and your hair caught on fire?  Come to think of it, we did have a hair fire incident at our wedding.  And the lady in question is now a photographer.  hmmm.

Have a great end-of-November!

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