Feb 11, 2013

Monday Photo Roundup Feb. 11

The next edition of Kaufman County Life should be  popping up soon.  I will blog about making the cover image soon.  It was a fun one, playing with toys.

If you wonder about the power of good still photography to drive web traffic observe things like The Weather Channel's use of "30 Outdoor Photos you Won't Forget." Is it weather? Sort of.

Having a memory card fail would be a nightmare... here are some "health" tips for keeping cards in good shape.

I like this ... a Tumblr site calling out photogs who steal images for their websites.  Bottom line, if you didn't shoot it, don't try to make people think you did, or that you can. (via Photoshelter)

Winners from December in the SportsShooter monthly clips contest.  No I didn't win any, but it was the first time I got any votes (one second place and two third place).  In that company, it is a positive step!

Also on Sportshooter you will find several good "remembering 2012" posts.  I thought Gary Miller's take on some lessons from the year were very good.  Notably, the need for horizontal images for a web-based world.  Even in typically vertical shooting situations like basketball, horizontal images rule the web.

Have a great week!

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