Aug 24, 2009


From a fun family photo shoot this evening... a grandfather and a grandson, both very photogenic. Actually the whole family is very photogenic, but these two pictures grabbed me in the quick run through in Lightroom when I got home.

For lighting information, go to That has been my biggest resource for learning to see and control light over the last two years. Some photographers get phenomenal shots with available light or using only reflectors and that is great too. Sometimes - especially in settings with kids or groups - finding and manipulating the available light is just mind numbing. For that, it is worth it to learn to use the flashes.

This one was shot indoors with a JTL 200ws monolight camera left and a Canon 580exII flash camera right, both shooting into 43" umbrellas.

And this one was outside, with the Canon 580exII in the umbrella to camera right just adding to the existing light.

don j.

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