Jan 18, 2010

Back in action

I have been pretty busy... blah blah blah...

Anyway, anyone interested in Terrell Tigers sports can keep up with the action at the Tigers sports blog, a group effort by the Tribune staff. I will probably post more sports action shots over there than here.

This blog will evolve as I spend more time exploring lighting techniques (time permitting) and photojournalism as I continue to discover what that life entails.

At the moment, we are producing a publication for the Terrell CVB, which will have some architectural type shots. I went out this afternoon (when the sky finally cleared) with the 40D and the Sigma 14mm...

Christina wanted to see the work in progress.. so here you go...

It was a little bit too much direct sun on the old First National Bank Building..

But that same light made nifty reflections off of the American National Bank building..
I thought the new building reflecting the old buildings would be interesting, but there isn't enough definition. I think I would need to get light onto the old buildings somehow. hmmm..

And the old Carnegie library..

Have a great week, everyone

don j.

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