Apr 26, 2010

Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

I spent one semester at TCU back in 1995, and have really liked Fort Worth since. The town just has a great feel and has done wonderful things with their downtown area, arts district and parks.

Every few years the lovely wife and I make it out to the FW Main Street Arts Festival, and this year was great as always. Weather was particularly helpful, and the crowd was large. But they were all happy and pleasant. That doesn't happen everywhere.

OK, so... photos...

There was art of all varieties...

but it is the people watching and performances that make it fun for me.

Gee... that bagpipe music sounds like the theme from Star Wars. It is!

People that can draw always impress me... especially when you want something in minutes on a street corner with people looking on...

It was very crowded, and I only had the 5D/24-70 combo, so I gave up on shooting over the crowd. Odd angles became the way to go, which made for unique shots like this Chinese Acrobat performer.

There were bands... some better than others.

My favorite was this little jazzy trio with a bass, banjo and soprano sax. Bonus... swing dancers (good ones) grooving doing their thing on the sidewalk.

You probably need to be quite a character to play these tunes, and these guys looked the part.

Dinner was at Mi Cocina... very tasty. While we waited for a table I saw a narrow beam of light coming in. The lovely wife snapped a pic for my new facebook photo... fun times.

Happy photogging,

Don J.

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