Apr 29, 2010

Location Portraits

One thing that has been a lot of fun since joining the newspaper biz is meeting good people for photo shoots.

Today was one of those opportunities, getting a shot of Award Music's David Washburn for our yearly 'Progress' insert.

David runs the family business with help from his wife, and they go to great lengths to keep the business alive while supporting music education. David is an accomplished clarinetist, plays other instruments and is committed to sharing the benefits of music with others. If you are in the East Texas area... check them out in Terrell.

As for the photos.. this is straight out of the Strobist playbook with a single Canon 580exII flash on a stand firing into a 42" umbrella.

I had hoped that the small LED stage light setup would add something to the background... may be more distracting than helpful in retrospect..

With the umbrella to the side and the lights turned off, it gets a bit moody.. I like this one though.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Don J.

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