May 2, 2010

Photo Fun on the Web

Haven't done a links post in a while... here are some things that caught my eye recently.

Sportsshooter monthly contest winners are always interesting and inspiring.

Jim and Brian got some fun shots at the Warrior Dash event. Definitely should have made it out to that, looks like some crazy fun.

Do you hold your camera properly?

Why are pros so good? Because everything can be screwed up and they still get the shot they wanted.

Nice used Canon 1D mkIII's are in the low $2K range. In case you were wondering what to buy me for Cinco de Mayo, July 4, anniversary present (July 19) or birthday. (Or all of the above)

At lunch with friends we were discussing cool shots of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano... very cool shots.

As a creative person, I want to get to the point where I can identify and cut the 'crap' out of my work...

And... another favorite from a shoot last week...

Have a wonderful week everyone,

Don J.

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