May 8, 2010

Dugout Portraiture

With Terrell in the baseball playoffs, I've had the opportunity to get back out to the field for some sports shots. They may not let me come back next year because they only scored one run in each game that I attended.

Today's game started at noon, and while it was a little bit overcast, the lighting was nice. When the sun came out though, it was typical harsh lighting.

What I noticed is that a dugout is a great example of finding nice light during midday sun. With one large open side and shadow everywhere else, it is like a huge softbox on one side.


Having a nice solid, dark background helps also, of course. Any time you are caught in the sun and trying to make a nice photo, look for shade that has one open side to the light, then look at the light on your subject.

Good posing would help, but even for snapshots of players, you cannot go wrong with good light.


Although there was plenty of light, my action shooting today was not great, so here are a few of my favorites from Thursday.

At 7 p.m. for the start, the light was getting really nice, washing across the field.


After losing the pretty light, it was just dark and funky.

This is a crop of a photo when a runner was avoiding a pickoff at first base.. made me laugh.

Perfect Mothers day gift? A camera of course.

Keep looking for good light,

Don J.

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