May 9, 2011

Baby photo accessory #1 - Bumbo


Disclaimers first ... not everyone is a fan of the Bumbo, and you have to take precautions that any baby in front of your lens does not take a dive onto a hard surface.

With that out of the way (and a little common sense), the nifty foam Bumbo seat is a very handy photo accessory. Luckily I was given one as a gift from a mom after a family photo shoot, but the $35 would be an easy spend for me. And if I could find one in black or white, I would probably buy a second. Maybe I will go with pink and blue eventually.

One baby photography problem is that they aren't very good at sitting up. The Bumbo does solve that problem as long as you are OK with having the seat in the shot.

Get in nice and close for a baby portrait without the chair.

And once the baby is set and happy, you can just shoot away and wait for some fun expressions and..... fun moments

And of course, there are the moments between the moments..

Of course you don't have to drag out a strobe to have fun... just some nice window light and a wide open aperture to take care of background clutter and you're done.

All of these photos were taken with the 50mm.

Don J.

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