May 27, 2011

Quick pics - Baby in the back yard

Took young Joshua out to the back yard, where Mrs. Easttexasphoto spends a lot of effort keeping things beautiful despite two years of hail storms.

Of course, my favorite shot is one of the moments between the 'posed' shots... when the lovely wife of mine was taking him to another part of the yard for more photos.

With a baby only 6 1/2 weeks old, he cannot sit up for photos, so you have to get creative.

Mom's arm holds the baby, but is quite noticeable in the picture.

Use the blanket as a backdrop over mom's arm... I think it is less distracting. Almost like furniture. Maybe not.

And the fun expressions are always a nice fun catch.

Have a great and meaningful Memorial day weekend, y'all.

Don J.

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