Jun 21, 2011

Coach shots - refined

OK, with some extra time to refine yesterday's setup, I finally got it about where I want it to be for the rest of the coach head shots.

Here is the new setup... similar to yesterday, but the flag is now on the background stand and lit with the same flash/grid setup, but now hitting from behind the flag. Only 10' between the softbox in front and the background... the wide angle lens makes it look further.
coach shots 2-8138

Tighten up the background with the 70-200 and voila..
Full frame almost straight out of the camera (Lightroom auto output sharpening when I resized and added the watermark)
coach shots 2-8488

I like the light a lot, and I hope it reproduces well in the paper. Hard to say when it goes black and white.. could use a little more defining highlights for that. I do like the look of the flag better with the light coming through from the back.

And a little tighter crop with more processing.
coach shots 2-8490

I'm still not sold on the tiger paw as a backdrop, but it is what we will use for this series of coach shots anyway.


Don J.

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  1. It is one of those things.....if you know what it is then it is great. It works well in color but might clutter in B&W. Thanks for the story.