Jun 20, 2011

Quick Portrait setup- Coaches

We have a new slate of coaches coming to Terrell this year, something that a lot of people in town are interested to know about.
As we work on features about the coaches, of course we need some head shots to use throughout the year.
In trying to come up with a concept to take a decent shot of each coach, I thought about our 'Tiger Paw' flag that we fly at the Tribune on home-game Fridays.... instant backdrop.

The time for the first interview snuck up on me so I did not have everything ready to go when new offensive coordinator Henry Hill came in today, so I made the setup quick.

The flag went on the wall, lit in the center by one Elinchrom bxri500 monolight with a 10 degree grid to center the light on the paw print.
Coach Hill (1 of 4)

After that, it was just a matter of setting up a small softbox and reflector for the subjects about 10' in front of the flag. The 70-200mm lens did the trick to draw it all together.
Coach Hill (2 of 4)

Unfortunately, the tiger paw really doesn't work as a tight head shot... it just sort of grows out of his head.

WIth more background included, it is a little better.
Coach Hill

I will try some adjustments to the setup and share those later this week.

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