Jan 22, 2012

(Door) Framed

They say when one door closes, look for a window. I say when you don't have a window, find a nice open door.

Any nice indirect natural light source can be beautiful if it is in a nice scenic spot. I like to find nice open doors on bright sunny days to make location portrait light.

In this case, an outdoor portrait showing the red barn, blue sky, horse and owner was my first choice. Unfortunately with a horse, strong breeze and one person to help out, setting up an umbrella was not going to work out. On camera flash looks like bad photoshop. I like the scene, but not the photo.
Ripley Ranch-5780

Before we headed out for that one, I had these two step to the edge of the barn door. We used one of these in the Tribune ... and it was in black and white, so the colors did not matter.
Ripley Ranch-5725

Horses can have such personality...
Ripley Ranch-5728

Another example from a year ago.. also a horse owner and a big barn door. Close to the door, the light fills in like a giant floor=to-ceiling softbox and is nice flattering light.
Thomas Bentley-6809

It can even get under a cowboy hat. And with his head turned to the side, horse blocking the fill from the left, the light is a little bit more dramatic here..
Thomas Bentley-6831

So frame somebody this week... with a door.

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