Jan 15, 2012

Couch Baby Photos (Part 2)

A quick trip to visit the in-laws was in order with the early arrival of a new baby. Of course, that meant photo time as well.

With almost zero time to pack, I left the strobes behind and went with a DIY lighting combination of two previous blog posts...

This little guy is quite a character already, but he was awake and not all that happy with the experience.

With the help of three family members holding up the sheet and light, it was a quick and painless experience to get some reasonably good photos of the baby... (Black sheet on couch, processed in lightroom)

and the details...


Light was a clamp work light with 200w equivalent fluorescent bulb and a white sheet.

The good.. this was quick, easy (with lots of helpers) and decent photos considering the time used. Also good, no flash shock assaulting the baby. He still did not like the light as it was.

The bad.. still not all that bright. Hi ISO and low shutter speeds make for fewer keepers, shoot a lot. Without a lot of help, this setup would be tedious and painful.

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