Apr 19, 2011

Couch as baby posing spot...

Even before the new addition to our household last week it was clear that a lot of my friends and family expected large quantities of photos. Many asked, "Are you going to take lots of pictures?"

Which I think was a rhetorical question because I take lots of pictures of much more mundane stuff than my own new baby.

What is remarkable is that simply having a new baby at home alters what was previously a good chunk of free time, sleep time and such, so actually setting up and taking photos is quite a task.

But we did need some baby pics so here you go. Couches make great baby photo spots, just drape a cloth on there and you have a nice seamless spot, black, white or otherwise. These are all taken with a single 500ws monolight turned way down low with a 2x2 softbox.

Softbox in close...

... can make the baby cranky. Turning on room lights to get their pupils closed a bit seems to help with the flash-shock.

Black background, moved the light up almost to the ceiling (about 10')for a little bit harder light source. Black cloth gives good shadows..

I also tried the softbox down at eye level, just so-so on the look though. Maybe if it was more to the right, toward the top of his noggin.

OK, so get yourself a baby and start shooting! Just be flexible, patient, and prepared with fresh diapers.

Don J.

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