Apr 7, 2011

A fair affair - The Bunnies

The Kaufman County Fair / Junior Livestock Show is all kinds of fun. Unfortunately this year I did not get to spend much time there taking photos.

One thing I caught that I had not seen before was rabbit judging. And of course, it doesn't get any cuter than bunnies, right?
The Bunnies-9803

I tried for an interesting shot of this girl and her dad watching as the judge checked out her rabbits, but it just wasn't working. 14mm on the 5D was just too wide to bring in the judge.
The Bunnies-9806

From the side though, it was a nicer moment when the girl came up and looked over the cages and the judge wiped his brow.
The Bunnies-9829

And this little guy was just looking for a way off of the table alltogether.

Finally, my favorite shot from the event was not at the rabbits...... instead this lovely cow made my day.
The Cow-9793

Baby Joshua is due Saturday. Pray for me :-)

Don J.

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