Apr 1, 2011

Track attack

High school track season is in full swing. Aside from the incredible frustration of waiting for particular participants that you want to cover and missing events because different things are going on at the same time, it is really a lot of fun photographically.

If you aren't looking for particular team members, there is a chance at repeated action in the same place, which gives you a chance to try different things and different looks in a short time frame.

With great access for photogs and the kids going all out to do well, good photos are everywhere you look.

Finding a good background can be difficult, so sometimes it is just best to shorten the depth of field (low aperture #) and get in tight.
Track April 1-5450

Sometimes if the background is other participants, the blurred out people can add a little to the photo...
Track April 1-5463

Go low, low, low and the sky makes a nice background. Of course, in some harsh daylight, you may need to watch the shadows.
Track April 1-5425

Track April 1-9896

Or find the sports that get way above like pole vault.
Track April 1-5493

But sometimes the distracting, busy background is just there and there isn't much to do about it.
Track April 1-5417

Finally, if you get some broken-cloud blue sky, use it for all its worth. A wide angle lens makes it all good, but you have to get very close to your subject. This is a full-frame camera (5D) with a 14mm, on the ground and about 6" from the edge of the long-jump landing pit.
Track April 1-9875

Same thing, crazy wide angle for sky, sitting closer than I probably should... you have to watch out to make sure you aren't distracting athletes or getting hit by a piece of equipment.
Track April 1-9889

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