Mar 23, 2011

Covering all of the bases

One of the fun things of all the technology and photo sharing capability we have these days is seeing the shots other photogs get at the same events.

And, I must admit, it can get competitive. Not that it amounts to anything, but it keeps me, especially as the newspaper guy, on my toes and looking for good shots. It also lets me know when I am not on my "A" game :-).

Case in point, baseball last night as Terrell travelled to Forney. Jim over at Terrell Daily Photo was on hand and posted these shots...

Ah.. for me, not so good. The curse of really good and fast autofocus is that if you get off your mark, the grass makes a great focus target.
Baseball vs Forney-2652

And, if you focus on the opposing team's player, well.. your guys are just fuzzy. This has to be within a millisecond of Jim's shot... makes it fun to go back and forth between the two for the different perspectives.
Baseball vs Forney-2792

OK, enough of that. It has been nice now that with Daylight Saving time in effect. The games start in beautiful evening sunlight, so the first two innings are great.

Here is about the best I could take advantage of it on an off day.
Bouncing one off of the dirt..
Baseball vs Forney-2613

.. and a reach for the out at first base.
Baseball vs Forney-2883

Don J.


  1. The difference is out of 300 shots you get one bad one. Out of 300 shots I get one good one.

  2. What fun, guys, to see these photos side by side!

  3. Thanks Jim..
    It is more like I shoot about 600 and keep 20, but nobody ever sees the other 580 :-).

  4. Hi Don! Come follow me on my new blog Thanks, Leslie