Mar 16, 2011


There are many times when being stuck in one place can help you find interesting photos.

To get inside the fence at our softball field, you are pretty much stuck inside the dugout. The one convenient 'door' is fine to shoot out of, although the view is often blocked by an umpire or first-base coach.

But if you sit in one spot long enough, secondary pictures start to jump out at you, like this one of the coach sitting in the other dugout opening, making expressions as the game progressed.

There were claps of encouragement, but as the score went the wrong direction, a more telling picture was there for the taking...

Or maybe it was just a headache?

Either way, when you get stuck in a spot, look around for the less-obvious photos. Get a different angle or start to look past the main subjects for graphic elements, colors, shadows, lines... whatever grabs your eye.

Don J.

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