Mar 20, 2011

Mooned part 2

Soooo... the lovely wife was gracious enough to join me for some moon watching on Saturday. As I was going to find a bridge to observe from, but a place with water seemed like a better idea. (That is true of a lot of photography... water makes photos more interesting in almost any situation.)

The longest lens I had at home was a 70-200mm zoom, so there would be no real astro-photography going on. It was more of a date, and looking for some shot other than just the moon.

The moon did rise dramatically enough.. caught it with some brush in front.. not much to it except finding an exposure and ISO that worked. (this is a very small crop of the frame)
Super! Moon-2218

Once the moon was high enough, the reflection became more interesting than the moon itself. This is also heavily boosted in Lightroom to get some neat shadow detail.
Super! Moon-2260

This one is closer to what it looked like, also getting down close to the water with the camera.
Super! Moon-2259

After that, the ADD kicked, so I started playing with slow shutter speeds and the moving water (it was quite windy). This is 1.6 seconds open shutter.
Super! Moon-2285

Even slower, 4 seconds, little different processing in LR3
Super! Moon-2286

OK, I hope everyone had a great weekend.

For some really nice supermoon shots, check this entry in the Flickr blog... amazing stuff there.

Don J.

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