Nov 19, 2012

Monday Photo Roundup - Nov. 19

When you take pictures professionally, it is easy to forget the power of family snapshots over the course of everyday life.  I was reminded of the importance of the simple documentary value of these photos by some friends at our church's annual Thanksgiving meal yesterday.

This was in 2008...

And this year...
FBC Dinner Pics-4653

Not marvels of composition or photographic excellence.  But still priceless images in the history of this great kid, his family, and our friendship.

It is a reminder to remember that the value of photography is not always in the critical details.

OK.. on with the show.

It is Thanksgiving week after all... how about a steamy turkey photo.  Literally.

Christmas shopping already?  40 gifts under $40.

NYC then and now.

Wow... before and after drug addiction imagery combined.

Making objects translucent.. without photoshop.

Joe McNally talks umbrellas.

Nice collection of Veterans Day photos.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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