Jul 6, 2009

Fun Photo Stuff from the Web

Ever feel like this when you are out making pictures? I know I do.
fail owned pwned pictures
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Photojojo has a lot of fun photo stuff.. I want to try this with some old photos from the high school yearbook days. Check out the shopping section and buy me one of these for my birthday. You could put a flash anywhere with that!

Put aside politics for a minute. Photographically speaking, President Obama and his team has been the best ever at maximizing opportunities for good pictures from the campaign forward. That has definitely continued... see the Big Picture blog for proof.

And an old one from me
Downtown Nov 10

Have a great week, everyone

don j.

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  1. LoL, what a great shot of that photog w/the penguine sneaking up on him! Also, you picture of the dallas skyline is stunning.